31 Days of Beach Living: Day 10 Rain, Rain Go Away

31days day 10.2

It has been raining. And raining. And raining. It started right after my post about a warm, sunny weekend on the bay. Dang. I hope I didn’t cause all this rain. I’d feel really bad.

So far, we have gotten close to 6″ of rain since Monday. Ugh! Grey skies and drizzly rain make me want to burrow under my duvet, clad in a comfy lululemon athletica outfit, drinking coffee, and watching episodes of Call the Midwife (PBS) or Downtown Abbey (BBC).

Instead of hunkering down for the day, my hubby and I get to go to an adult Halloween Party. It’s a themed party. Divas and Rockstars! So, since I love Katy Perry music that’s what I’m gonna be. My hubby gets to keep his goatee and go as Mr. Ex-Katy Perry, Russell Brand. I gathered all my costume pieces at several different stores. Paying $80 for a Made In China Katy Perry costume was not happening! TJ Maxx, Double Take Consignment, Dollar Tree, and one of those crazy Halloween stores that pop up in September and mysteriously close 2 days after trick-or-treating and I found all the necessary pieces to my costume.

costume collage1

Hopefully the costume comes together like I fantasize in my head. Of course, that does include pre-kids abs. And, yes, those are shower sponges sewn onto that tank top. Cupcake boobs here I come:)

So, rain please go away! Here are the reasons why:

1. Hurricane season isn’t over. Nor’easter season is soon approaching. 5+” of rain is plenty.

2. I think this blue wig may frizz on me. I don’t want that to happen. Frizzy blue hair is definitely not the look I am going for tonight.

3. It is hard to walk in muddy conditions with 4″ platform high heels. Accident waiting to happen… and as apparent in my previous post I don’t need any more injuries.

4. No one likes to party in the rain.

5. We don’t get many adult only parties. Come on. Slack off a little.

6. Because of the party, I don’t get to do my other rainy day activity of watching period British shows in bed with coffee and comfy clothes.

And, 7. I just heard that our neighbor is supplying a smoked pig that he hunted in South Carolina. I wonder if it will have an apple in its mouth. Smoked pig and adult beverages could make for an interesting evening.

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