31 Days of Beach Living: Day 12 Rethink Comfort Food

31days day 12

Oh, how I love thee comfort food! Especially on overcast, chilly Fall days. Clean-Eating makes this harder to enjoy without guilt, losing Challenge points or stomach issues the next morning. So, I have to “rethink” my comfort foods. I love cooking challenges and this was just the sort of double dog dare I needed this past Sunday.

I was craving Italian. I needed wanted lasagna.

What I needed to accomplish with this Clean-Eating comfort food staple:

1. No pasta/lasagna noodles

2. Pack it with fresh veggies

3. Add lots of yummy, savory meat

Here is what I created… I hope everyone enjoys! 

lasagna recipe 2

This is the perfect left-over lunch. It gets better overnight.

noodle-less lasagna

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