Legacy: Nelson Mandela



It is with great sadness that Nelson Mandela has passed away at his home in South Africa. It is important for everyone around the world to remember, honor, and act in his legacy.

His legacy is powerful. Mandela was a politician, an anti-apartheid revolutionary, and most importantly a humanitarian. He promoted peaceful, non-violent defiance against the apartheid system of South Africa’s government. President F. W. deKlerk and Mandela were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993 for their efforts in dismantling and changing the country’s apartheid system. Most of these accomplishments came after 27 years of imprisonment in a South African jail. 

I remember his release from jail in 1990. I was a sophomore in high school. That memory ranks right up there with the destruction of the Berlin Wall in 1989. How impressionable! These moments in history give you hope as a scared teenager. The world is so big and it is frightening to think about wading through it. But these moments in history, fill you with the strength, the hope and the desire to make the world better. 

We all should cast aside this YOLO nonsense. We should live as if to inspire hope, strength and desire in those around us. Get past the selfishness and self-preservation and give voice to those who have no voice. 


The Nelson Mandela Foundation is allowing for condolences to be posted to their internet site. Also, consider making a donation to the Nelson Mandela Foundation or the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund in memory to Nelson Mandela and his life’s work at equality and peace.



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