Vignettes: Capricious Decorating

fb february cover

I love changing the decorations in my house. I’m pretty sure this seasonal decorating was instilled in my psyche thanks in large part to my mother. My mother had a wreath for each holiday. She handmade each of those wreaths. My mom is the MacGyver of the craft world. She taught me everything I know and then Martha Stewart filled in the very small holes. So, my LOVE of vignettes was born.

vignette sign

Vignettes give your interior space a break from the original decorating scheme or add to that scheme with a small collection of thematically similar items. All of mine are seasonal in nature. I use a hall table with narrow dimensions. It is out of the way and since the table is for decorative purposes my husband doesn’t get too annoyed that it is filled with chachkies.

Most of the main elements stay on this table. These include: the oversized white-framed mirror, the key bowl, the black framed picture, the starfish garland, and the Buddha statue. The black frame has a decorative blue piece of scrapbook paper that stays year round. I use Sharpies and dry erase markers to change the quote. It currently says “All You Need is Love” (a quote from a Beatles song).

vignette closeup

My Buddha always gets something new to hold. He has a glass heart ornament. It is from the Red line of products (a gift from a friend a few years back). The felt heart garland is from Michael’s and was a steal for $1.99 for 60 inches. I got a second garland to mix in with my book page garland over the mantle. The orchid is from Trader Joe’s and set me back $12, but totally worth the beauty that only orchids can provide. The “LOVE” sign is from my talented sister-in-law and features the cutest little feet and hand prints of my niece.

vignette collage

Close-ups of the garland and orchids!

vignette garland closeup

vignette orchids

So, give vignettes a try. Be capricious!

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