Hello and thanks for visiting my blog. This is the place where I will share my experiences and journey to becoming a home birth midwife. It is also a place where I might will ramble on about CrossFit™. This rambling will include my own training and coaching others to be their fittest and strongest selves. I have three boys, all born at home with midwives, and the challenges associated with, uh, well boys! I love to create… this need to create manifests in many outlets: cooking, baking, decorating, clothes, sewing, knitting, crocheting, and sometimes painting.



My husband, Mithra is super supportive and is an incredible Chiropractor. I have been working towards my Certified Professional Midwifery License since June of 2010. I work with two wonderful midwives/mentors at Seven Cities Midwifery Care. In February 2013, I received my CF-L1 Trainer Certification from CrossFit, Inc.™ I coach and train regularly (when not at births or prenatals or postpartum visits) at CrossFit Chronic in Virginia Beach, VA. I live deliciously close to the Chesapeake Bay and spend as much time soaking in natural Vitamin D on those sandy shores.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings.


My Boys...

My Boys…


Family Photo on the Chesapeake Bay and the Pier Cafe at Lynnhaven Pier.

Family Photo on the Chesapeake Bay and the Pier Cafe at Lynnhaven Pier.

Photos by CuteEsPhotography. She happens to be a great friend and co-parent.

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