Up your study game!

Natural ways to increase brain power and purpose.

Believe me we could all use this even if we aren’t studying –wink wink.



Standards of Learning tests, college exams, high school exams, and for us older peeps maybe you’ve decided to get yet another degree or certification— all of this is upon us (okay, maybe just me), but I like to think globally and include that “village” idea into my daily thought processes. That way I am never alone.

So, what does this all mean? It means we need some nudging and a little help to get through it all. Here are my go to ways to help my #greenboys and myself get through these extra brain demands.

Sleep… good quality sleep is my Number 1.

Set up a good diffuser in your bedroom and get a routine down. Each bedroom in our house has a Young Living diffuser. Each #greenboy knows how to set it up, turn it on, and put in their magic essential oil blend to help them fall asleep easily and sleep soundly.

Here are our Good Sleep Diffuser Blends in The Oil Dropiversity.

This also includes letting my kids sleep a bit late and then — gasp — drive them to school.

Eat good food and get your Vitamins is my Number 2.

Everyone in #TheGreenHouse takes a Vitamin D supplement. Check out why you might want to add this supplement to your daily regime. We also take a good Vitamin B supplement and Mindwise™.4747


This is amazing stuff, folks! I started with two teaspoons for two weeks and now just take 1 teaspoon a day. Gotta keep the wheels and cogs greased with the good stuff.

Brain Power™ and a Focus Roller/Stick is my Number 3.

Brain Power™ is a powerful essential oil blend containing some super charged high megahertz plant essences including Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Frankincense, Melissa, Blue Cypress, Lavender and Helichrysum. We diffuse this with Rosemary – wowzers! We also put a drop directly on the crown of our heads.

I also like to make application easy with some super power boosters! Here is my all time fave Focus Roller Recipe. I also put this same recipe into a lip balm base so it is easy for the kids to transport and apply in the classroom.

Focus Roller

Diffuse, Diffuse, Diffuse is my Number 4.

Yep, I have the diffusers going all the time in my house. Sometimes it is just random essential oils and blends. Other times it is purposeful and with a desired effect in mind.

Here are my Study Time, Homework Time, & Gotta Focus Diffuser Blends.

Study Times Diffuser Blends


If you don’t have good quality, therapeutic, non-adulterated, no additive essential oils, sign up here to get started on your oil journey. I only use Young Living Essential Oils in my household. You can start with a super cool Premium Starter Kit by checking this link out.


A Year of Setbacks: Injuries and CrossFit

The CrossFit Open 2014 is fast approaching. And, I have signed up, but now have to sit out. 

It sucks. Big time. Not that I ever had any chance of making the Mid-Atlantic Regionals… I am not that deluded. But, the Open is a wonderful test of your fitness level, your fitness improvements, and another opportunity to participate in the CrossFit Community.

In 2013, I had just recovered from slicing the tip of my right thumb tip clean off. I even attended my Level 1 Certification Seminar with it splinted and bandaged. It healed just in time for the Open.

 Fast forward to April 2013… I joined a co-ed indoor flag football team with other members from my CrossFit box (CrossFit Chronic). That was not my wisest decision. I have never played football and didn’t even understand the rules. I broke my left ring finger at the distal phalange (exactly where the tendon attaches) and the intermediate phalange. Note to self: don’t try to catch a football thrown by a semi-pro football quarterback. This means I cannot make a tight fist. Holding onto a barbell, hanging from a pull-up bar, swinging a kettlebell, climbing a rope or flipping a tire –pretty much anything requiring grip strength is a struggle. This injury took over 12 weeks to heal. Mainly because I kept trying to WOD. The orthopedist finally told me to stop… I think I freaked him out a bit. I was, admitted by him, his first CrossFit patient. He did not know how to respond to my concerns about dead lifting or pull-ups. Let me add that 8 days after breaking my finger I went to the box and decided that I would instead run a few miles. I was 600m into the run when I ungracefully avoided a rock in the road by tripping on my own shoelace and sliding across the blacktop. I got up from that fall brushed myself off, took a mental check of my body, and took off running to finish the run. When I returned to the box, I received many incredulous stares due to my bloody knees and disheveled appearance. I noticed that my right big toe was throbbing. Yeah, I broke it. So, now I have a broken finger and a broken toe. 3 weeks later I teamed up with another injured coach to complete Murph, a Memorial Day WOD in honor of a fallen Navy Seal. This was definitely part of that “taking forever to heal” issue.

Memorial Day WOD "Murph" 2013. Team Injured.

Memorial Day WOD “Murph” 2013. Team Injured.

Fall 2013 was a time for healing and recuperating for me. I pretty much started over in CrossFit. This is tough to do when you are experienced… I lost strength and my endurance/stamina suffered greatly.

Fast forward to 2014… My big toe doesn’t really bend –at all– but I can still do most things. My finger is no longer broken, but I have lost a great percentage of my grip strength. It still hurts and I am still working on getting back to many of my 1RM in Olympic lifts. Now, I am having hip, low back, and pubic bone issues. When I had my second son in 2006, I decided to jump right back into running at just two weeks postpartum. Once again, not a wise decision. At two weeks postpartum, the pubic symphysis (a midline cartilaginous joint that connects the right and left pubic bones in women) has not returned to its pre-pregnancy state. Meaning: it is soft and susceptible to dislocation. I basically messed up this joint causing me to compensate with my lower back, gluteal muscles, and adductors during squat movements.

What does all this mean to me?

It means that it hurts to WOD. It means I can’t overhead squat a PVC pipe. It means box jumps are more difficult than ever. It means squatting or kneeling over a birth tub is uncomfortable.  It means that I want to cry when I do my scaled WODs. It means that I am cranky, uncomfortable and having to start all over. It means no Open in 2014.

The good news is that I am being very proactive and aggressive in my journey towards healing this problem. I am utilizing Chiropractic care (in my husband’s office, not the house table ottoman), my colleague at the box is providing some Sports Therapy and Modality treatments, I have reincorporated yoga 2-3 per week, and have a love-hate relationship with a foam roller and lacrosse ball.

Injuries just plain suck!

The bright light in all this… Injuries give you a window into how your body is working. I always wondered why my back squat was weak and why overhead squats and snatches were so difficult. This hip/pubic issue was in place before I started CrossFitting, but CrossFit exposed this weakness and injury. It brought it to my attention. Although, an email would have been less painful and preferred. 

So, I’m kinda glad I have to work through this injury, but it’s been a rough year of injuries and I’d just like to be better. Please.

Fall 2013. WOD'ing with my son (in red). Team WOD with Push Presses. Dead Lifts, and Front Squats.

Fall 2013. WOD’ing with my son (in red). Team WOD with Push Presses. Dead Lifts, and Front Squats.

Xmas WOD 2013. At this point, I can do 1-2 pull-ups before I have to drop off the bar to regrip.

Xmas WOD 2013. At this point, I can do 1-2 pull-ups before I have to drop off the bar to regrip.

So, I guess I am done whining –for now, until I have to roll out and stretch.

31 Days of Beach Living: Day 3 OMG Football

31days day 3

I write this post as a #momof3boys. Football and I have a shaky past. I have faked football fanaticsim in past relationships. Nothing like pretending to like a team for some random boyfriend. Girls out there— don’t pretend that I am speaking Greek. We have all done it for that one cute guy. I didn’t even understand the rules. I was even one of those girls who believed that “yellow line” on the TV screen was actually on the field for the players. Yes, it took a dear friend’s fiancé to inform me that it was added by the TV companies. What?!?

As a #momof3boys, I have tried to ignore football and the natural testosterone driven need of all little boys to play football. That fantasy has come to a very dead end. It all began when a few certain ladies from my CrossFit Chronic family insisted that I could join an indoor flag football team. It of course did not end well for me. I didn’t even make it to the first game of the season. Broken knuckle and finger stopped my budding football career. Fast forward to the present. How do you say “No” to your son who wants to play football for the first time? My argument that the Green family doesn’t play football flew out the window. I might not have been good at it, but I did play briefly. Dang, broke my own rule! Now we are 2 1/2 months in to a 125lbs tackle football league with the oldest Green boy.

This #momof3boys has spent 4-5 days a week watching said oldest Green boy practicing, drilling, conditioning and playing football. And yes, I am that #momof3boys that yells and screams, jumps and cheers, and takes numerous pictures of her boy playing said sport(s). Most of the time <according to oldest Green boy> I don’t yell the right things, but I am getting better. I know what specialty teams are now. I know what that “yellow line” meant. It is the first down marker. I know what a fumble is now. I know what conversion points are and why they do them in this league. I know the rules. Ugh!

But, my biggest confession is… I kinda like football. No faking here. You may even witness me sitting on the couch watching football with all the Green boys on Sundays. 

But, every now and then, I wish they would just surf, so at least I could get some sun and sit on the beach.

My blueberry playing football. Egads!

My blueberry playing football. Egads!