Back to Reality

Long time no blog….

I just returned from my very first vacation <by myself to see my brother> in over 15 years! Crazy talk, right? My wonderful hubby and some amazing friends made this possible. But, now it’s back to reality. And, not just in one way… The one I am having the hardest time adjusting to is the weather. I left Virginia and it was Fall (October 31st) and came back to Winter. Brrr!

Virginia Cold. Tucson Warm.

Virginia Cold. Tucson Warm.

I had such a great time bonding with my new niece Camillia Rose. New baby snuggles are the best!

Camillia and I snuggling.

Camillia and I snuggling.


My brother Jim is an amazingly talented tattoo artist in Tucson. He owns Istari Studios, the best place to get beautiful tattoos! So, yes, I got two new pieces done on my forearms. Anyone who has played around on the blog may notice my fascination with starfish. Hence, the new starfish tattoos on my left and right forearms.

My sister-in-law Rachael is also a talented Aesthetician at Ooh La La Lashes in Tucson. She used her red LED therapy lights to heal my tattoos quicker and with less pain. Gotta love family!

We also tooled around Tucson and I got to be a tourist for 9 days! We took the time to shop at La Encantata (an outdoor upscale mall), checked out Buffalo Exchange (awesome consignment style store), dressed up for the All Souls Procession in downtown Tucson, ate out at some amazing local restaurants, hiked in Sabino Canyon, and drove up Mt. Lemmon to be awestruck by an Arizonian sunset.

tucson collage

Rachael and I on the tram in Sabino Canyon. A must see in Tucson.

Rachael and I on the tram in Sabino Canyon. A must see in Tucson.


My brother, Jim and I at one of the vistas on Mt. Lemmon at sunset.

My brother, Jim and I at one of the vistas on Mt. Lemmon at sunset.


All in all this trip was a wonderful reset. It was a time to reconnect with my brother and spend invaluable time with my new niece and beautiful sister-in-law.

I secretly think that this trip also made my role of mom, taxi driver, chef, and wife more precious to my 3 boys and husband.

Now back to reality… #momof3boys.

I will dream about those relaxed days in Arizona for months to come. Maybe one day we can all go visit.






31 Days of Beach Living: Day 22 A List

31days day 22

You know how we are all pressured to make a grand list every New Year. Well, I am starting a new trend. Let’s make smaller lists each season.

Let’s make the list more doable and fun!

Here is my list for the remaining days of Fall.

fall list

What will be on your list? Post some of your most favorite Fall activities.

31 Days of Beach Living: Day 20 New Life

31days day 20

Life is our most precious commodity. Closely followed by family and great friends.

I was lucky to have new life added to my family this month. A new niece to cuddle, buy cute girlie clothes for, and do awesome girls only stuff. My brother and sister-in-law brought forth this new life. And they did a fabulous job! 

Camillia Rose Quinn October 16, 2013 10:21 p.m. 7lbs 1oz 20" long

Camillia Rose Quinn
October 16, 2013
10:21 p.m.
7lbs 1oz 20″ long

Hold those that you love close to you and never lose a moment to hug and kiss them.

Life is precious and we need to treat it as such.

31 Days of Beach Living: Day 9 Slow it Down


31days day 9

Every now and then, several things happen to me in a row. More than just the rule of 3’s. Although, that rule has visited me way too many times in 2013. That rule posited it’s authority with 1) slicing off the tip of my thumb with a mandolin as I began my “Primary Under Supervision” role as an apprentice midwife, 2) breaking my knuckle and the middle phalanx of my left ring finger during flag football, and 3) breaking my right big toe 8 days post broken finger while running and unsuccessfully trying to do parkour so as not to trip on a rock. You know things have gotten bad when your husband gives you that knowing look and asks you if you are paying attention. Another sign things have gone too far is being laid up for the better part of 6 weeks letting bones heal and having appointments with an orthopedist.

Lately, things have happened to me that make me wonder if I am going too fast. Every New Year I make that resolution to “slow down and smell the roses.” But, then school starts, sports start, I take on too many house projects, and all that smelling goes out the window. Before you know it the days feel like they are over and you never got to sit down.

Here are some tips on slowing it down and clues that you should be slowing it down:

1. Your six year old starts reading the speed limit signs and your speedometer. He then proceeds to use brilliant math abilities you didn’t realize had developed and tells you that you are in fact speeding. Take my advice slow down. It’s not worth the embarrassment of getting that speeding ticket. Not too mention, your kids will gladly spout to strangers and your husband that you speed and cops pull you over. Save yourself the embarrassment. Slow it down. I am making the very conscious decision to only drive the speed limit or 5 miles over.

2. You can’t possibly be your best when you are going through life toooooo fast!


Do what you can do perfectly. Perfection comes with having the time to perfect. Slow it down. Be you, perfectly!

3. This one time at a birth… you don’t arrive in time to catch the baby. Yes, it happens with planned home births. Some women are just too dang efficient. And yes, I am jealous of that ability. I am the type of birth-er that likes her midwives to be there for several hours before popping them out. But really, when you are speeding to a birth and get stuck behind a cop on a two lane road. Just slow it down. The universe is giving you the clearest message — pass the cop get a ticket and probably one for reckless driving or slow down, breathe and you will get there when you get there. The safety of my being is important too. The birth will play out as it needs to. Getting into a car accident is harder to recover from than missing that “catch.” Slow it down.

4. Slow it down and take the time to read with your kids. I love, love, love to read. My kids struggle with it sometimes. But, when I slow my day down and sit with reading to me or reading to them, we all enjoy ourselves. Reading is also a great way to get your busy kids to slow down.

5. Slow down your commitment to others. Take the time to hang with your hubby. Take the time to have a slow leisurely lunch with your bestie(s). Quick, jam-packed days make life go by too quickly. So, slow it down and spend life with those that make you a better person.

P.S. Sorry this post is a day late, but birth happens. I decided to spend the evening with my family instead of rushing through a blog post. I took my own advice and slowed it down.

31 Days of Beach Living: Day 6 Indian Summer?

31days day 6

Did we just have an Indian Summer? It sounds good, so I was telling everyone this past weekend what a glorious Indian Summer we were having in October. We were on the beach. The boys went skim boarding. I packed up the Roll-eeze (best beach invention evah!) – with food, drinks, and even the umbrella. My sister and her family joined us on the beach. The adults even had the chance to SUP on the bay. It had all the “hotness” of an Indian Summer. So I thought.

Well, I just got schooled… I decided while writing this post in my head last night in those last stages of consciousness that I would research the phrase. Good ole Farmer’s Almanac just proved my beautiful 85°F+ weather weekend wrong.

According to the The Old Farmer’s Almanac, an true Indian Summer must meet the following requirements:

  • “As well as being warm, the atmosphere during Indian summer is hazy or smoky, there is no wind, the barometer is standing high, and the nights are clear and chilly.
  • A moving, cool, shallow polar air mass is converting into a deep, warm, stagnant anticyclone (high pressure) system, which has the effect of causing the haze and large swing in temperature between day and night.
  • The time of occurrence is important: The warm days must follow a spell of cold weather or a good hard frost.
  • The conditions described above must occur between St. Martin’s Day (November 11) and November 20. For over 200 years, The Old Farmer’s Almanac has adhered to the saying, “If All Saints’ (November 1) brings out winter, St. Martin’s brings out Indian summer.””

I thought we had a few weeks of cold weather, but honestly, it was in the 70’s. It certainly felt cold. Now that I know what an Indian Summer is, I think I’m good with what I had this past weekend. Sun, small breezes, low tide loveliness, SUP boarding with my sister, and the boys got sandy.


Stand-Up Paddle Board and the Chesapeake Bay

Stand-Up Paddle Board and the Chesapeake Bay

31 Days of Beach Living: Day 3 OMG Football

31days day 3

I write this post as a #momof3boys. Football and I have a shaky past. I have faked football fanaticsim in past relationships. Nothing like pretending to like a team for some random boyfriend. Girls out there— don’t pretend that I am speaking Greek. We have all done it for that one cute guy. I didn’t even understand the rules. I was even one of those girls who believed that “yellow line” on the TV screen was actually on the field for the players. Yes, it took a dear friend’s fiancé to inform me that it was added by the TV companies. What?!?

As a #momof3boys, I have tried to ignore football and the natural testosterone driven need of all little boys to play football. That fantasy has come to a very dead end. It all began when a few certain ladies from my CrossFit Chronic family insisted that I could join an indoor flag football team. It of course did not end well for me. I didn’t even make it to the first game of the season. Broken knuckle and finger stopped my budding football career. Fast forward to the present. How do you say “No” to your son who wants to play football for the first time? My argument that the Green family doesn’t play football flew out the window. I might not have been good at it, but I did play briefly. Dang, broke my own rule! Now we are 2 1/2 months in to a 125lbs tackle football league with the oldest Green boy.

This #momof3boys has spent 4-5 days a week watching said oldest Green boy practicing, drilling, conditioning and playing football. And yes, I am that #momof3boys that yells and screams, jumps and cheers, and takes numerous pictures of her boy playing said sport(s). Most of the time <according to oldest Green boy> I don’t yell the right things, but I am getting better. I know what specialty teams are now. I know what that “yellow line” meant. It is the first down marker. I know what a fumble is now. I know what conversion points are and why they do them in this league. I know the rules. Ugh!

But, my biggest confession is… I kinda like football. No faking here. You may even witness me sitting on the couch watching football with all the Green boys on Sundays. 

But, every now and then, I wish they would just surf, so at least I could get some sun and sit on the beach.

My blueberry playing football. Egads!

My blueberry playing football. Egads!

31 Days of Beach Living: Day 2 Beach Glass

Day2 beach glass

Panoramic of my view as I crest the sand dune.

Panoramic of my view as I crest the sand dune.

Looking for beach glass on the sandy shores of the Chesapeake Bay has never been about looking for beach glass. For me, the ocean/beach/salt water/sun/salty air is one of the most healing places. It is where I have made some of the most important life-changing decisions of my life. Searching for beach glass on this very beach is where I came to the realization that I wanted to marry a certain dashing chiropractor, have my first home birth with my first child, & take on the challenge of becoming a midwife. Walking the beach and feeling the sand between my toes allows me to release stress and anxiety. Feeling the sun warm on my limbs and face encourages me to trust myself. Breathing in the salty warm air reminds me to take in a fresh breath and breathe out stale air. Absorbing the beauty of the water and nature and shoreline requires me to redirect my thoughts.

Left to Right: White beach glass, Blow fish, Amber beach glass, Green beach glass, Horseshoe crab, Green beach glass, Bounty for the day.

Left to Right: White beach glass, Blow fish, Amber beach glass, Green beach glass, Horseshoe crab, Green beach glass, Bounty for the day.

Today’s search for beach glass was all about taking time for myself. I realized that I don’t do that enough. With 3 boys in school and full schedules, midwifery, WOD’ing, coaching, wife-ing, and just being myself, it is hard to take an hour for me.

Pound nets and gulls.

Pound nets and gulls.

I keep all my beach glass in jars. I spread it on platters. I use it to fill up a glass lamp base. I make jewelry with it. Each and every piece is a reminder to take in the beauty of life.

Fort Story signs, low tide ripples, beach walkway

Fort Story signs, low tide ripples, beach walkway



The end of summer is always mournful in our house of 3 boys, 1 pug, 2 cats, and a mom and dad that love the Chesapeake Bay. The mornings, days, and evenings are chilly and dew regularly forms on the grass and plants. The busy-ness of school and organized sports has begun. And, the ever popular Starbucks PSL is available for the season. Our trips to the beach become more distant. We still make it down for occasional sunset walks but not our daily “have to get into the salt water” excursions. Hurricane season will soon come to an end bringing with it Nor’easter season.

Good-bye Summer! Until we meet again…

The warm summer sand of the Chesapeake Bay and the middle Green Boy.

The warm summer sand of the Chesapeake Bay and the middle Green Boy.

31 Days Blog Challenge


Follow along as I “attempt” to write a new post for 31 days. Thanks to The Nesting Place and her encouragement for this Linky Blog Party.

Some of my upcoming topics are:

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Day 3: Football and Boys

Day 4: Saving One Rack at a Time – Barbells for Boobs

Day 5: Turquoise

and many more to come….Stay Tuned

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Co-Parenting: Does it really take a village?

I get asked all the time. This one question.  Almost once a week.


Let me first go back and explain how I roll… I’m a Type A, self-diagnosed selective OCD kinda gal. I like order, but I can definitely roll with chaos (which goes hand in hand with 3 boys). I like my fridge neat, the house tidy, constantly sweep the front porch and walkway thanks to annoying squirrels, but could really care less that I have a pile of laundry <that my husband folded for me> on top of my jewelry box for the past two weeks. So, to organize some of the chaos, my husband and I created an iCalendar for each person in the family. See below for wonderful color-coding, organized chaos:

Color-coded bliss and sanity.

Color-coded bliss and sanity.

This keeps me sane most of the time. I didn’t even include another calendar for all of my midwifery appointments; that would be a HIPPA violation. So, yes, our life is busy and we like to keep it that way. Our boys enjoy sports, we enjoy work and CrossFit™, we like to have down time (but not too much), and we always live life “ON CALL.”

On Call is a special stressor that most people working in the health industry get to experience. I know there might be other occupations with on call, but I have yet to find one with more stress on a family than midwifery. It means that at any hour or day this schedule can be dropped like a hot potato. Nothing is in stone. I always preface any RSVP with “as long as I am not at a birth.” It means two cars to most events. It means my kids may not get to that party or sports practice. My husband recently told me that he just assumes that there is always a birth happening. He says its easier for him to adapt that way. And, I think he is sick of me repeating to him after 3 years that “I might have a birth tonight.” I might also be kinda over “on call” 24/7 since 2010.  Just kinda though because witnessing a birth makes me have temporary amnesia until the next time I’m on call.

So, have you ever heard of the village principle? Not quite the villages of a third world country village principle. But, not too far off either. I am lucky. I have family in town. I have a super involved mom who is loved by her grand boys.  She jumps in whenever she can after work and on weekends. I have a sister who takes my kids on a whim if she is home and not off teaching others on how to find yoga bliss.


My sis, Jackie and I at a recent backyard cookout.

I also have two wonderful friends who I call my co-parents.

These are the ladies that I owe so much to everyday. We have each other’s backs. No questions asked. They are the ones I can call or text at anytime to get my boys. Once they have the boys, I know that they will be treated as family. Their names are Stacey, who is a talented family photographer, and Brandy, an amazing birth doula.


Stacey and Brandy with two of my boys, their own kids, and a few extra just for fun.


Stacey and I at a recent CrossFit Chronic event. You even get a glimpse of her camera strap.



Me and Brandy, doula extraodinaire!

Me and Brandy, doula extraodinaire!

So, the answer for me is “YES”. It does take a village to do it all or in my case at least 90%.

My hope is that every woman finds her village.


*Can you tell we spend a whole bunch of time at the box?