Vignettes: Capricious Decorating

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I love changing the decorations in my house. I’m pretty sure this seasonal decorating was instilled in my psyche thanks in large part to my mother. My mother had a wreath for each holiday. She handmade each of those wreaths. My mom is the MacGyver of the craft world. She taught me everything I know and then Martha Stewart filled in the very small holes. So, my LOVE of vignettes was born.

vignette sign

Vignettes give your interior space a break from the original decorating scheme or add to that scheme with a small collection of thematically similar items. All of mine are seasonal in nature. I use a hall table with narrow dimensions. It is out of the way and since the table is for decorative purposes my husband doesn’t get too annoyed that it is filled with chachkies.

Most of the main elements stay on this table. These include: the oversized white-framed mirror, the key bowl, the black framed picture, the starfish garland, and the Buddha statue. The black frame has a decorative blue piece of scrapbook paper that stays year round. I use Sharpies and dry erase markers to change the quote. It currently says “All You Need is Love” (a quote from a Beatles song).

vignette closeup

My Buddha always gets something new to hold. He has a glass heart ornament. It is from the Red line of products (a gift from a friend a few years back). The felt heart garland is from Michael’s and was a steal for $1.99 for 60 inches. I got a second garland to mix in with my book page garland over the mantle. The orchid is from Trader Joe’s and set me back $12, but totally worth the beauty that only orchids can provide. The “LOVE” sign is from my talented sister-in-law and features the cutest little feet and hand prints of my niece.

vignette collage

Close-ups of the garland and orchids!

vignette garland closeup

vignette orchids

So, give vignettes a try. Be capricious!

31 Days of Beach Living: Day 13 DIY Chevron Floor

31days day 13

Who knew that Chevron would be the decorating trend in 2013? I could totally be wrong about the year of this trend, but that’s when it pinged my radar. Clever to change zigzag to Chevron, though. Whoever did that was genius. Makes it more appealing like Target to “Tar-zhay”. Totally changes the feel from old school zigzags to upscale, trendy zigzags. I couldn’t imagine convincing my husband to let me paint a floor in zigzags. Instead, I confused him with the fancy Chevron word and it was green-lighted with a slightly perplexed look. He gives me those often. I think he does it to make me double think my actions. It doesn’t really work. To me paint and DIY decorating can easily be changed.

Just to prove my point about how trendy Chevron is Google provided me with this cool graph displaying its rise and fall in popularity.

The late 1800's and early 1900's were a bleak time for Chevron. Maybe zigzag was the trend?

The late 1800’s and early 1900’s were a bleak time for Chevron. Maybe zigzag was the trend?

I decided to use this pattern for our poor neglected front porch. Yep, I jumped right on the Chevron Stripe train. And, front porch is a generous term for what we actually have; it is more a catchall for anything sports related and #momof3boys related. Lots of things with wheels and all types of balls. I, of course, would like it to be a relaxing Southern wrap around kinda porch. It’s not very relaxing and too small for my dream, but it did need to make a better first impression.

I asked Google, again, for the best chevron template and found a free printable from The Creativity Exchange. It was easy to download, super quick to print, and simple to assemble. I did modify mine, so it would keep the sharp edges and points of the pattern. Once I had it cut out and taped together, I took packing tape and covered the entire template. Basically, I turned the template into a cheap DIY laminated version. Worked great for me!

chevron template

Next, I began trying to figure out what color to paint the zigzag stripes. The month before I had finally repainted the front door from barn red to a light sea green, re-frosted the glass, and added some more beachy decor to the porch. We also invested in some awesome wire storage bins for the boy gear. This is where I searched Pinterest. I looked up painted chevron floors and got a load of results. I choose a turquoise marine color—see former post about Turquoise here. By the way, what did we do before Pinterest? Before the color could even be added to the floor, I had to scrub the old concrete floor and repaint it bright white. I used all exterior gloss paint for the project. I did not feel the need to use a concrete floor paint since our porch is fully covered and does not get wet or icy by the elements. If your porch is not covered or offers little protection, I would highly recommend paint that would provide a non-slip surface and weather well.

You can see a glimpse of the old porch floor. Ugh.

You can see a glimpse of the old porch floor. Ugh.

So, two coats of bright white paint later I began to pencil on the chevron pattern. After much deliberation, I chose to have my pattern run horizontally. It made the porch seem bigger and looked more like an area rug. I tried taping off the pattern, but the tape pulled up some of the white paint. I made the decision to just trust my steady hand and tediously hand painted each stripe. I did a pretty good job and am pleased with the look of the porch now.

Stripes in progress.

Stripes in progress.

I was super pleased with the color. Bright and beachy! The entire project took about 1 1/2 weeks. It was late July and early August, so I let each coat of paint dry for one whole day. Humidity can wreck your painted projects. I also put a clear coat of polyurethane to protect the newly painted Chevron. My family was not too happy that I continued to make them use the back door for several days to be certain that all the paint was dry. Oh well, it was good exercise for them.

View of the floor and front door.

View of the floor and front door.


Maximus and the new floor.

Maximus and the new floor.


31 Days of Beach Living: Day 10 Rain, Rain Go Away

31days day 10.2

It has been raining. And raining. And raining. It started right after my post about a warm, sunny weekend on the bay. Dang. I hope I didn’t cause all this rain. I’d feel really bad.

So far, we have gotten close to 6″ of rain since Monday. Ugh! Grey skies and drizzly rain make me want to burrow under my duvet, clad in a comfy lululemon athletica outfit, drinking coffee, and watching episodes of Call the Midwife (PBS) or Downtown Abbey (BBC).

Instead of hunkering down for the day, my hubby and I get to go to an adult Halloween Party. It’s a themed party. Divas and Rockstars! So, since I love Katy Perry music that’s what I’m gonna be. My hubby gets to keep his goatee and go as Mr. Ex-Katy Perry, Russell Brand. I gathered all my costume pieces at several different stores. Paying $80 for a Made In China Katy Perry costume was not happening! TJ Maxx, Double Take Consignment, Dollar Tree, and one of those crazy Halloween stores that pop up in September and mysteriously close 2 days after trick-or-treating and I found all the necessary pieces to my costume.

costume collage1

Hopefully the costume comes together like I fantasize in my head. Of course, that does include pre-kids abs. And, yes, those are shower sponges sewn onto that tank top. Cupcake boobs here I come:)

So, rain please go away! Here are the reasons why:

1. Hurricane season isn’t over. Nor’easter season is soon approaching. 5+” of rain is plenty.

2. I think this blue wig may frizz on me. I don’t want that to happen. Frizzy blue hair is definitely not the look I am going for tonight.

3. It is hard to walk in muddy conditions with 4″ platform high heels. Accident waiting to happen… and as apparent in my previous post I don’t need any more injuries.

4. No one likes to party in the rain.

5. We don’t get many adult only parties. Come on. Slack off a little.

6. Because of the party, I don’t get to do my other rainy day activity of watching period British shows in bed with coffee and comfy clothes.

And, 7. I just heard that our neighbor is supplying a smoked pig that he hunted in South Carolina. I wonder if it will have an apple in its mouth. Smoked pig and adult beverages could make for an interesting evening.

31 Days of Beach Living: Day 7 Coastal Pumpkins

31days day 7


Halloween decoration will begin in T-minus 4 days here at Casa de Green. I love decorating for Halloween. I don’t go crazy with it, but I enjoy how much the two younger Green boys love helping. We are the family that even decorates the inside of the house too. Yep, that’s us! Our neighborhood is the best place to Trick-or-Treat. Hands down! There are several haunted houses, an adult Tiki Bar with adult treats, and the neighbors go all-out with candy.

This year I have decided to decorate the inside of the house with some small vignettes. Maybe even a few outside as well. I love painting on pumpkins. My kids love carving pumpkins, but let’s be serious, I do most of the carving.  I have found some super cute pumpkin painting ideas and plan to incorporate them in this year’s decorations.

Here is some of my inspiration:

pumpkins-intro-l halloween-home-decor-pumpkins-country-living-tuvalu coastalvignette

Now, I gotta get the boyos to agree to some of these carving ideas. They tend toward the dramatic and scary instead of the cute and fashionable.

I will post pics and an unveiling once it’s all up and looking good.

31 Days Challenge: Day 5 Turquoise

31days day 5

For awhile (most of my married life), I made this conscious decision to not use blue in any of my decorating. I guess it was some anti-beach cottage decorating style. But, I have always loved blue. And, I live by the beach. And, I love the beach. And, blue, especially turquoise, reminds me of the beach. This past “flood” <I can go into that in another post> repair I made another conscious decision to put blue hues back into the house. Best decision ever!

Turquoise is by far my favorite blue hue. I recently repainted my formerly red kitchen island turquoise. I also painted turquoise chevron stripes on our front porch floor.  I have used Pinterest to pin all my ideas and for inspiration.

So, don’t be afraid to decorate with your favorite colors. You will be more happy in your own space if you do.

Feeling Blue Board

Feeling Blue Board

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