31 Days of Beach Living: Day 8 DIY Healthy Trail Mix

31days day 8


Healthy go-to snacks are very important in our busy life. I don’t know about the rest of you moms (and midwifery students), but I am in the car a good part of the week. The clients I serve with Seven Cities Midwifery Care are spread about the Hampton Roads Are (include 7+ cities) that equals to much time in the car. I try to follow a Clean Eating lifestyle <I readily admit to a cheesecake obsession> hence my desire to have a yummy healthy trail mix.

I only use raw nuts, dark chocolate and unsweetened, un-sulfured dried fruits in my mix. Here are some of the benefits of raw nuts, dark chocolate and coconut.


-decreased body mass index & waist circumference

-lower systolic blood pressure

-lower weight

-lower chance of the following risk factors for Metabolic Syndrome: abdominal obesity, high blood pressure, high fasting glucose & a lower prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome (nut & tree nut consumers)

-contain the amino acid I-arginine (a key nutrient in promoting efficient blood flow & overall cardiovascular function)

Almonds: the skins are rich in antioxidants including phenols, flavonoids, & phenolic acid

Walnuts: plant-based omega-3 fats, natural phytosterols and antioxidants

Pecans: 19+ minerals and vitamins

Brazil Nuts: source of organic selenium

Dark Chocolate

-can improve glucose metabolism

-can improve blood pressure

-rich in flavonols


-highly nutritious

-rich in fiber, vitamins & minerals

Trail mix 1


1lb. raw almonds, 1lb. raw cashews, 8oz. dried cranberries, 8oz. dried pineapple, 8oz. dried mango, 1c dark chocolate chips, and 2oz. dried/roasted coconut strips

1. Place the nuts into a large mixing bowl.

2. Use kitchen shears to cut the dried pineapple and mango into bite size pieces.

3. Place the coconut, cranberries and chocolate chips into the bowl.

4. Mix it up and portion it out into glass containers or BPA-free plastic storage bowls.

trail mix 2

Once I have it portioned out, I place it about the house in small pint mason jars. I even have a jar in the car for quick snacks.

trailmix 3

I keep it on the desk while blogging, too! Yummy healthy trail mix on the go.

trail mix 4